Chapter 4: It’s called Time Management

Before Trisha heads home, she decides to do a little dance…

12-25-14_6-45 PM

She started out small, but the day’s events and realisation that this is her life now had her breaking out into something crazy!

12-25-14_6-45 PM-212-25-14_6-45 PM-3

12-25-14_6-45 PM-4

She had fun at least.

Time to head home and buy a nice bed! As she walked over to the curb and waited to get home she went through all the different types of fabrics and patterns that was on offer! Not to mention the mattress and frame. Considering she might have this bed for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, it would be worth buying a really good one! One that would at least give her a good night’s rest. Should she also buy a double? She probably should start thinking about finding someone to share the rest of her life with… Getting a double would be an investment for the future…

Then she also had to decide if she can afford an easel. First things first, though! A bed!

12-25-14_6-48 PM

That… Leaves her with enough for an easel and $60 left over! Perfect. It might be tight, but at least she can make money with an easel.

12-25-14_6-48 PM-2

Ok then. Time to paint!

12-25-14_6-49 PM

Oops. Trisha forgot (or maybe it was me, but I’ll never admit it) that it costs money to paint. Which makes sense as painting supplies really do cost quite a bit of money. But it’s an investment! Surely it will sell for more than it cost to make. It better or otherwise Trisha will have sell the bed and sleep on a park bench *shudder*.

12-25-14_6-53 PM

Trisha is a bit worried that it won’t be very nice at all and then she really will become a bum, even if she does own a FREAKING HUGE piece of land, and will eventually have to call it quits and go home to her boring parents who will make her become a boring doctor.

12-25-14_6-54 PM

Instead… The final outcome is… Not so bad! Yeah… It’s alright.

12-25-14_6-55 PM-2

The real question here is how much will it sell for? Well, here goes nothing!


BOOM. Trisha has enough money to paint a MEDIUM size painting! How’s that for turning a buck into 10.

12-25-14_6-55 PM-3

Once she’s done with that one and sells it, Trisha starts painting a LARGE painting!

12-25-14_6-56 PM-2

All that stressing for nothing. It really is going to turn out ok!

But all that painting has made Trisha hungry, so she heads off to the bar to scab a bowl of chips for dinner (it’s only temporary!). But, oh no!! For some reason the bar isn’t handing out chips at the moment and Trisha finds herself fearing the fate of her future once more! What will she do? How will she- Oh.. Hay there Cutie!

12-25-14_7-02 PM

Trisha engages first with a “funny introduction” hoping to make the acquaintance of a young Mr Travis Scott. She ignores her stomach and growing tiredness in order to get to know Travis better. Oh look! He’s a bit of a geek. Well that’s adorable.

12-25-14_7-02 PM-3

Sadly, Trisha can put off her growling stomach no more and has to say goodbye in order to get to the park so she can at least grill up some sausages for dinner and then hit the hay. WHAT? $13 for sausages? Well that sucks. Stupid inflation. The cost of basic living is so excessive!

12-25-14_7-34 PMShe’s so tired and ready for bed she doesn’t even sit down to eat in case she falls asleep eating her meal.

A quick trip to the ladies before heading home to bed. Scram lady. I don’t care how angry you are I NEED TO GO, Trisha thinks to herself when she notices the stomping woman following her into the bathroom.

12-25-14_7-38 PM

Trisha is so tired she almost doesn’t make it to bed…

12-25-14_7-39 PMWhich is not so surprising when she realises that it’s 5 AM IN THE MORNING! Oh my gosh Trisha, how could you let it get like this! What were you thinking?? I bet it was that guy, Travis. Girl, you gotta prioritize!

It’s called time management, Trisha.. You know? Where you get your crap together so that life runs as smooth as it can? Good thing you still have 4 hours to rest up before your first day of work starts! Although you are gonna smell RANK when you get home!


Chapter 3: Trisha’s solution

Trisha continued to walk down the main street, thoughts running through her head.12-25-14_6-19 PM-2

What’s essential? Food? Shower? A bed? An easel?

Part of her brain wave idea was working out what was already at her disposal. There might be zilch at “home”, but the town had a lot to offer! Even the museum had a general use easel that she could use… Who knows what else the town had to offer! She just has to find out.

Next stop was the gym.

12-25-14_6-23 PM

Trisha was impressed with the facilities that was on offer… Particularly the showers! She can just come here when she’s smelling a little ripe. But if she were to also use the toilets here then she’d be coming here pretty regularly and wouldn’t even need to worry about B.O.

After checking out the gym and making a mental note to also use the gym equipment every now and then Trisha moved onto the local bar.

12-25-14_6-37 PM

She casually walks over to the bar and takes a seat. Wow! They serve chips for free here! They might not be super healthy, but it’s just temporary, right?

Trisha orders a bowl and introduces herself to the bartender. Might as well get to know him, he’ll be seeing her around quite a bit!

12-24-14_11-09 PM

Ok. Trisha does some mental consideration of her current situation. Food? Check! Hygiene/bladder? Check/Check! Something to paint on? Check… A hesitant check. The easel might not always be free at the museum, someone else could be using it when she needs it. Maybe she’ll think about it a bit more and decide on whether or not to by herself one.

12-25-14_6-40 PM

So that just left… Something to sleep on. Hmm… This was tricky. She’s sure there’s a couple of park benches at the park across the road.. But… Surely a good bed is a good investment. If she gets a good bed then she’ll need won’t need to sleep as much and be in a better mood for work.

12-25-14_6-40 PM-3

So, if everything else is sorted… Then… Yes. She’ll do it. Trisha is set on using almost the rest of her $1800 on buying a super nice bed and just hopes the next few paychecks will be enough for the rent that comes up. Which is crazy, considering that she doesn’t even live in a house!

What kind of crazy person came up with that idea?

Chapter 2: Trisha explores her new neighbourhood (also cliched)

Well! Might as well go and check out the rest of the neighbourhood. Not much to do here… On an empty lot… That Trisha owns… With barely any money to survive.

Got to start somewhere! And this is it.

Trisha gets out her smart phone (for someone who is basically living in abject poverty, she sure does have a nifty phone!).

12-24-14_10-10 PM-3

And before she knows it, she’s on her way! Trisha, of course, stops first at the local museum. Oddly enough, Oasis Springs has been around long enough to warrant a “museum”.  Although, really, it just has a lot of pretty painting and random sculptures… Trisha remembers this one museum when she was younger that had a toilet for a display!

12-24-14_10-12 PM

She sighs happily. This is where I belong. One day, my paintings will hang in this museum.

She casually checks out one of the paintings.

12-24-14_10-19 PM

This one is actually quite good. It reminds Trish of what life can be like sometimes. That it’s up to her to make the most out of it! She’s always naturally been drawn to painting (you could call it an ambition). And she wants to use her talents and gifts to make the most out of her life. There are some things about her that make her unique… Like, she’s a bit of a hopeless romantic who falls asleep reading Harlequin and she also loves her food! But she’s no glutton. Then there’s her tendency to be quite creative in all sorts of ways (but mainly painting).

Surely she could use all of these things about herself in her favour!

12-24-14_10-19 PM-3

*Ding* A light bulb goes off in Trisha’s mind. She should become a painter! Surely she can get a job as a painter and earn her bread and butter (and hopefully a house after a while) doing something she absolutely loves! Isn’t that why she came here? So she could pursue her dreams? Can’t she just be a painter? It’s not like she has to do painting as a side job or anything.

Yes! She’s going to get a job in the painting career!

12-24-14_10-19 PM-2

Trisha walks over to find a comfortable place to sit down and apply for a job. She wants to be able to fully concentrate so that she doesn’t make a mistake and accidentally become a master criminal. She probably wouldn’t be too good at that…

12-24-14_10-24 PM

With just a few taps of the button Trisha gets the job! Yay! A painter! She is literally employed as a painter!

But wait!

12-24-14_10-24 PM-2

Doesn’t she need something to paint on? How can she buy an easel when she can barely afford a bed and next weeks rent?

12-24-14_10-23 PM

How is a painter meant to make a living… When they don’t have the tools they need in order to earn money??


12-24-14_11-07 PM

Trisha has come up with the perfect strategy to temporarily deal with her current state of poverty and easel-less-ness.

Stay tuned for the next installment of SIMS 4 LEGACY CHALLENGE!

Chapter 1: A new beginning (and an incredibly cliched title)

Hi All! I’m a big sims fan. Iv’e played the franchise since sims 1 and somehow never made it onto the big wide web to check out stuff like the LEGACY challenge! (I know what you’re thinking; it’s impossible for someone to be a fan and NOT know the legacy challenge. Well. It’s possible!).

So here it is! My first ever LEGACY challenge blog!

I don’t have all the mods and stuff to take away the plumbob so bear with me. I also have read a few other blogs for “inspiration” (get it?) and have drawn some story-telling techniques off of them 🙂

Props to Pinstar for putting together this manifestation of awesomeness!

Finally, sorry for any story contradictions/spelling mistakes/grammatical errors. #iregretnothing


Trisha refused to look back over her shoulder as the bus took off.

This was it.

He new beginning. A fresh start. Her bright future.

For most of her childhood, including her teenage years, Trisha had felt stifled and oppressed by her too-strict parents. They wanted her to be a doctor. Or a lawyer… Something “distinguished”. Doctors and Lawyers are much needed roles in the human race, but… Trisha wanted something else. For as long as she could remember she loved to paint. And that’s what she wanted to do. To pursue.

She wanted to follow her dreams.

But that meant leaving Townsville and heading to Oasis Springs by herself. She was an adult now (a fairly young adult) and it was time for her to make her own way in the big bad world.

So no looking back. No regrets.


12-24-14_10-07 PM-2

After a long bus ride, a lengthy bout of bargaining at the real estate agency and a short taxi trip, Trisha took her first step onto her own, newly bought, plot of land. A rather empty piece of land. She knew that it didn’t come with much from what the real estate agent told her, but it still shocked her.

Apparently this was the only plot of land for sale. No houses were available and no one wanted a housemate. Trisha didn’t really have a choice, no matter that it only left her with about $1800 (and some strange knight statue that was “absolutely necessary” but couldn’t be placed anywhere and had to stay packed up tight never to see the light of day again).

12-24-14_10-10 PM

As Trisha looked out onto her new property she remembered how the agent sold it to her as “prime real estate”. She sighed. It might be prime, but she doesn’t have the money to really turn this into a home. She needed money. She needed furniture. She needed food.

But I don’t even have a job! she thought to herself.

Looks like it might be a long hard slog of an adventure, but something inside Trisha tells her that it will all be worth it in the end.

She just needs to find a blank canvas. She was going to paint her life all over again!